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Other Services
  • Nav Grah : (Pacification of All the 9 planets)
  • Grah : (Pacification of a particular planet)
  • Pitra : (Pacification for Pitras)
  • Balarishta & Gandanta : (Safeguard of Health and Longetivity of child)
  • Mahamrityunjaya : (For the safety of life against hazards)
  • Bagulamukhi : (Victory against enemies, legal matters etc.)
  • Santan : (To get progeny)
  • Gaja Laxmi : (For enhancement and stability of business)
  • Shri Yantra : (For expansion of business and increase in production and profit)
  • Shri Kartaviryarjun : (For safety and return of lost or abducted person)
  1. Shri Maharudrabhishekha( For wealth and social status)
  2. Shri Ganeshabhisheka( For wealth and social status)
Dosh Nivaran
  1. Sarp Dosh- (safeguard against hidden enemies for the overall growth of family)
  2. Kuja or Mangalik Dosh (To remove the ill effects of mangal to ensure long and happy  married life)
  3. Vivah ( Delay or Disharmony )
Vastu Reports

The main ceremony on the final day will be performed in a temple in the presence of our expert team . The video shooting of the program will be sent to the clients .A write up about the follow up instructions will be sent to the clients along with video shooting
* Conditions apply to the highly personalized programmes

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