Classical works and Cancer in astrology.

One significant combination given, causing cancer or Vrana or Mamsarbud Roga in Brihat Parashar Hora was referred to by Dr. B.V. Raman in his “Three Hundred Important Combinations’’ and in two editorials on Cancer in September 1982 and August 1995 A.M.
This Yoga is formed if 6th lord, being a malefic, should occupy the Lagna, 8th or 10th house and the native may suffer from dreadful disease of Cancer.
In this regard, one must also refer to another combination of Jatak Parijat. If the 6th lord, with malefic occupies Lagna, 8th or 10th house and is devoid of benefic aspects, the native suffers from Vrana.
Some ancients suggested that the Ascendant and 8th (and not 6th house) should be afflicted to cause Karma Vyadhis like Cancer. According to these sages, the 6th house has not much to do with malignant diseases.
Recent Empirical Studies:
A study over hundreds of horoscopes of persons suffering from cancer undertaken by Dr. B.V. Raman has revealed following interesting information :
  1. Vrana or Mamsarbud Roga Yoga should not be literally applied for a malefic can become lord of 6th house only when birth takes place in Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, Pisces or Gemini for there were and are instances of people born in Aries having died of cancer. The presence of the 6th lord whether benefic or malefic, in Lana is always held to deplete the vitality of the horoscope.
  2. Venus become involved with the seat of disease in almost all patients who have cancer with in the oral cavity including lingual cancer traced to syphilis of tongue.
  3. Mars appears to be the villain in patients having cancer of gall bladder.
  4. Mars and Rahu have dominant positions afflicting the Lagna in case of cancer of the skin.
  5. Lords of Lagna and the 6th in the 10th house aspected by Saturn or Mars predispose one to Cancer of the breast.
  6. (i) Cancer of rectum and of the prostrate seems to be generally connected with Scorpio or 8th house particularly if Saturn and Ketu.
(ii) When the Ascendant or Moon sign is Scorpio with Saturn and Lord of 6th is in 10th, the native is exposed to the danger of suffering from cancer of the Rectum.
Other generalizations made by Dr. B.V. Raman about Dasa periods are as under :
  1. In case of affliction of Saturn placed in the constellations of Rahu Aridra, Swati and Shatabhisaj or
  2. In case of Saturn and Mars conjunction in Aridra or Swati (and Shatbhishaja) in the 6th house,

Disease may appear in Rahu Dasa and Sun Bhukti, provided Rahu and the Sun are in Mutual association or aspect in the 6th or the 8th.

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