Start New Venture

Are you dreaming of a new industrial venture? You are at the right place now as we will guide you for every such step which will help you start, establish and earn from the new venture. Vastu Shastra demands from you to start right from the selection of land, purification of the land, finding out wonderful muhurat, preparing layout of […]

How to Repay Loans

Loans and rentals are major constituents apart from working capital for the successful operations of the company. You can make a profit only after you repay loans and rentals. Indebtedness could be resolved with the help of vastu shastra. When we are depressed, pessimistic and helpless, vastu shastra application is the only way you can come out from the bolts […]

Multiply your Business Turnover

Our track record is wonderful. We have been able to multiply business turnovers several times, sometimes by thousands of crores. Pt. Satish Sharma happens to be the most famous vastu consultant of the country. His academic excellence and field expertise for the last 4 decades helped the corporate houses and all others to come up as business giants. By way […]

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