Do you know what is Vastu ?

Vastu Shastra is the ancient art and science of buildings, space and directions, which brings man and his environment in perfect harmony with nature. Proper Vastu showers upon the natives the benefits of Health, Wealth, Wisdom and Happiness. Vastu hare-nesses the 5 elements of nature i.e. fire, earth, wing, water and aakash/space to the advantage of those who choose to care.

The four primary directions which Vastu considers significant are N.S.E. & W. these have been deroved from:

N & S – Energies radiating from the earth`s magnetic poles/axis.

E & W – Energies radiating from the Sun on its E to W path.

In between the 4 major directions we have the secondary directions like NE, NW, SE and SW, NE is between N & E, SW between S & W and so on. These directions  are equally important, if not more, in Vastu.

Each primary and secondary direction has been placed under the lordship of a diety. A mythical story has also been spun around this.

It is said that an enormous being obstructed the earth and sky with its body. It started devouring everything that came its way. Worried, Lord Brahma ordered the being to be pinned down face downwards. Whichever limbs were held by the different deities came to represent the presiding deities of the different direction. The being was pardoned by Lord Brahma and given the lordship of all plot and dwellings on earth. Thus was born Vastu Purush.

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