Five element in vastu.

The importance of Vastu in our life is due to the coordination of the environment formed of its important elements – the 5 mighty basic elements (land, water, fire, air and sky). The life, body and mind of an individual remains active when there is a balance in these elements otherwise becomes inactive. Vastu scriptures are the only scriptures which resorts the 5 mighty basic elements to bloom human abilities and as well as to bloom these 5 mighty basic elements, thus proves its importance.
The Earth element – Residential as well as commerecial structures are built on land. In Vastu-Shastra, land, shape of the land, slope, scission, expansion, upliftment of the skeletons in the ground, the environment nearby, avenues and perforation are extensively considered before construction.
The Water element –  The phrase – Water is life, has been important ever since. In our body dehydration can even cause death. It is because of the importance of water that most of the ancient towns and kingdoms were located by the side of seas or rivers. Accepting its importance Vastu-Shastra also extensively thinks about the wells, borings, underground water storage tanks, drains, roof slopes and provision of water.
The Fire element – The life cycle is accepted to be at end as soon as the body becomes phlegmatic, thus it is extremely important for heat to be preserved in body. In the same way the constant afflux of the sunlight and energy in the residential or commercial premises is extremely important. It is deeply thought in Vastu how can a building be provided with the maximum energy and the sunlight.
The Air element – Likewise in the body, the active transmission of air in the premises is equally important.
Vastu-Shastra is an good equipment to activate the premises by open area, courtyard, windows and the height of the roof etc.
The Sky element –  The existence of the earth and the universes is because of the Sky. In Vastu Shastra, the sky is utilized by adjusting the heights of single roomed, double roomed, triple roomed or multi-storeyed building and the Brahma-Sthaan.
Rightly it can be said that the happy efforts to coordinate the charaterstics of the 5 mighty basic elements in life and premises is – Vastu-Shastra, which was assimilated by our sages and teachers by their arduous exercitation and anticipated from us to follow the regulations of Vastu laws so that our life can be steeped by these powers of the nature for the welfare, development and advancement of humanity.
– Vastu Vidya
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