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Acharya Varahmihir has talked about the learned Maharishi such as Maya, Yavan, Manithya, Shakti, Jeeva, and Satyacharya who have established astrological combinations useful for knowing the longevity of  Jataka.  Such Granthas written in primitive times are not available today; Acharya Varahmihir had studied them, considered the viability of those principles and established combinations specifying the different diseases in human body.
According to the Jataka Granthas of Varahmihir`s period (Era 505) disease by birth or which take place after birth are due to the certain astrological combinations, dasha and transit. At that time the diseases like blindness, one eyed, dumbness, hard of hearing, lame, impotent were treated as diseases by birth. But fever, dysentery, Pandu (jaundice, yellowish), abdominal diseases, cough, leprosy, dropsy (ascites), T.B. Urinary diseases, secret disease, hysteria, epilepsy (eclampsia) were treated, diseases which take place after birth. These were treated as KARMAJANYA. These could not get exposition in Ayurveda.
Before Varahmihir, Maharishi Parashar and Jaimini have laid down the astrological combinations about diseases by birth and after birth together with the timing of the onset of diseases. In 1148 Raja Virsingh Tomar, who was contemporary of Saint Kabir composed a book VEERSIMHAVLOKAN where the various combinations for the diseases, established in the Jataka Granthas of earlier period, also remedial measures prescribed in Karama Vipaak Samhita and cures as per Ayurveda Granthas of Charak, Sushrut etc were made available in one place.
In modern era, keeping the sanctity of old traditions, various combinations of diseases have been commented upon after reasonably updating them in the books Prasna, Marga,  Sarvartha  Chintamani, Krishneeyam, Madhveeyam, Uttar Kalamrit,     Jataka     Parijat, Phaldeepika, Jatakabharnam, Hora Ratnam,    Jataka   Deshmarg, Chandrika, Bhava Kotillal, Bhava Prakash, Bhavartha Ratnakar, and Mansagri etc.
In 1958 Pt. Shree Chakradhar Joshi of Dev Prayag compiled a book GADAVALI which also contains the various combinations available in Jataka Granthas.
The sadness is that no grantha on Predictive astrology has given the classifications of curability or non-curability, onset and offset of diseases, principles of diagnosis and the means to avoid the situation.
There is prarabdha in the birth chart, which indicates the auspicious occasions and inauspicious occasions in the life of the native. The various Rajyogas indicate the native. The various Rajyogas indicate the status to be achieved by the native.
Similarly, the aristha yogas indicate the difficulties to be faced by the native in life. For enjoyment of all the fruits the health Past must be very comfortable, which can be possible with the help of the Medical astrology.

The following points reflect the factual position:

  1. Balabal of Planets
  2. 6th house, planets in the sixth, twelfth and eighth and lords of 6th, 8th and 12th
  3. PAC of planets with the disease giving planets
  4. Afflicted signs and bhavas
  5. Planets, which are Weak, debilitated combust and in enemies sign
  6. Planets in malefic Shashtyamsha
  7. Aristakarka and Maraka planets
  8. Transit of malefics, which indicate where and when the disease will be i.e. the part of the body to be affected.
  9. The dasha / antardasha of the planets stated above. Sometimes the dasha of lagnesh, even the dasha of Yoga karakas give the disease or physical and mental torture. A proper analysis and delineation of the birth chart should be done.

Shree Ram Vyadhi Mandiram –
All physical bodies have seed of disease. If proper care is not taken the seed can sprout and later in life becomes plant and in some cases it is true and leave no scope for recovery. If proper care, remedial measures, grah shanti are performed, the seed may remain seed and may not sprout.

A golden principle to find whether the native of the chart would catch disease in his life or not is to look into the following factors :
There should be affliction to:

  • Lagna
  • Lagna lord
  • The Moon
  • The Sun

If all the four are afflicted, the native will have weak body and may catch disease. In case of only one is afflicted, there is a little chance. The affliction of the Moon alone can give disease. The Moon is the  Karka or say mirror to show about the health.

Lagna lord may be in 6th or 8th lord may be in lagna, but unless the above houses lords are afflicted then there is a little chance of disease. If these all or three of them are afflicted, it is a serious matter, the astrologer should check the eight points mentioned earlier. Find out which house and planets are badly afflicted, they will indicate type of disease and part of the body afflicted.
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