Planets and Organs.

Though Dr. Raman found correlation between different organs by different planets, yet he treated it to be provisional subject to further research in Medical Astrology. Similarly Dr. P.S. Shastri has also found similar additional relationship between these two factors. This Correlation is mentioned by (i) and (ii) respectively as under :

  1. The Sun – (ii) Spleen, heart (ii) Stomach, bowels and head.
  2. The Moon – (i) Oesophagus, Alimentary canal (ii) the blood and breast.
  3. Mars – (i) Genitals, left Cerebral hemisphere, Red blood Corpuscles in blood, Rectum (ii) Blood, Marrow, Neck.
  4. Mercury – (i) Nerves, Right Cerebral hemisphere, Cerebrospinal system, Bronchial tubes, Ears, Tongue (ii) Nose, Navel and mouth.
  5. Jupiter – (i) Liver, Suprarenals (ii) Ear, tongue and thighs
  6. Venus – (i) Throst, Kidneya, Uterus, Overies (ii) Genitals
  7. Saturn – (i) Teeth, Skin, Vagus Nerve (ii) Legs, and hand
  8. Rahu – Pituitary Body (Gland)?
  9. Kethu – Pineal Gland

Studies by Others:
cancer aspect approach on the basis of mutual relationship between Jupiter Mars and Uranus. In so far mutual relation between Jupiter and Mars is concerned, nobody could take any exception but inclusion of Uranus (Hershel) may cause rising of eyebrows by some Vadic Astrologers. But first, we must see his hypothesis and results of his study.

His Hypothesis:

  • Jupiter is a planet responsible for multiplication of cells and their growth.
  • (a) Most of the cancer cases need surgical therapy and so Mars should be involved in it.
(c)    Secondly Mars is connected with blood and would be involved in blood cancer.
  • If this growth has to be eccentric, Uranus known for its eccentricity and having influence at the cellular level, should have a Uranus also plays important role on the body electrolytes.

These three planets should have mutual aspects to form Cancer Aspect. However insofar as aspects are concerned, he takes ordinary full Parashari aspects of Jupiter and Mars. He has equated aspects of Uranus with Jupiter’s Trikona aspects.

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