The Intellectual Class and Vastu.

The foundation stone of any society is considered to be its intellectual class. The essential condition for the overall progress of the society is progress of this class. The pace of the progress of this class can be increased many fold if a few vastu rules are followed.

For this class east facing plot can serve the purpose best. The Indra door will lead to inculcation and development of divine qualities that improve the practical application skills and the intellectual can optimize the use of his knowledge not only for himself but also for the welfare of the society.

Moving on to the internal construction a bedroom in the south for the intellectual will strengthen and increase his rights and his study room in the west of the house will help reach great heights. An office in the north will turn out to be very helpful especially for doctors and engineers.

If there exists a combination of spiritual principles and qualities with his/her profession, this belief can be well represented by constructing a drawing room up in the north where he/she should necessarily spend sometime on a regular basis.

A large vacant space in the east helps in the improvement of knowledge and space in the north shall bring in wealth.

It is a universally accepted fact that construction in Brahma place is strictly prohibited. Hence at the time of construction it should be left free.

  1. Construct entrances in places where deities Indra and Jayanta exist.
  2. Bedrooms in south.
  3. Study to be constructed in the west of the plot.
  4. Spend adequate time in the drawing room while studying.
  5. More vacant space in the east will bring more knowledge.
  6. Large Vacant space in the north will bring wealth.
  7. Brahma’s place needs to be protected.
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